History Lesson – Pay Drivers

Let's face it, pay drivers are nothing new.  Since Colin Chapman first slapped 'Gold Leaf' onto the side of his Lotus 49, money entered the sport of motor racing in a way that no one could have ever predicted.  Yes, the influx of money brought with it massive budgets, massive improvement to performance, and massive... Continue Reading →

F1 – Australia – Race Recap

I Hate That Song... I have to confess something.  I hate the German National Anthem.  I really do.  I'm a younger guy, so many of my formal memories of Formula 1 have to do with Michael Schumacher taking the top step of the podium and hearing that damn national anthem played.  The German National Anthem then... Continue Reading →

F1 – Australia – Qualifying

The first round of qualifying has come and gone.  Hamilton is on pole with Vettel starting along side him.  But what we did learn in the three sessions around Albert Park? Bottas may not be 100% comfortable in the car - It looks like I may have to retract my previous statements about Valtteri Bottas being... Continue Reading →

F1- Tech Time – McLaren and Haas

I said I wasn't going to write an article about McLaren this week.  I really did.  But here I am, writing what I'm sure is the three hundred and fifty seventh article published this week about McLaren and their assorted technical woes.  So, I apologize if you've read this all before, but I'm narcissistic enough... Continue Reading →

F1 – Australia – FP 1 & 2

So much for this being a more competitive championship this year. We're only 2 practice rounds in to the 2017 Formula 1 season, and it looks like we are in for another year of nothing but silver on the top step of the podium.  Lewis Hamilton is back is on form, leading the scoring sheets by... Continue Reading →

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